LP: What was your first bike?

TB: Pink one with stabilizers

LP: Your bucket list ride?

TB: Currently, Tianmen Mountain in China, 99 switchbacks in total!

LP: Who influenced or inspired you to get into cycling?

TB: Ryan Leech - the guys videos taught me how to bunny hop and ride north shore back when I started MTB.

LP: What was your most memorable day on a bike?

TB: Doing Croix de Fer, Telegraphie and Galibier in one day. Galibier was the highest altitude I have ever ridden, and it was the day before the Tour came through so all the spectators were already camped out on the road the night before, we were climbing in the evening as we were staying on the other side toward Briancon, so it was the last climb of the day. People were already in the party mood so they were cheering us on. The effect the altitude has on your legs though is pretty crazy, I remember when were returned to normal altitude how easy everything felt. *

LP: What's the worst part about cycling?

TB: Consumerism

LP: What's the best thing about cycling.?

TB: Views

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